Stage 7

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Jenny decides to go 10 more miles while the sun is out

FINAL UPDATE STAGE 7: I spoke to Jenny this afternoon and she is very sore and tired, but determined to go on. She went 10 extra miles today due to the sun making an unexpected entrance.

Notes from her step dad:
Jenny ran 50.2 miles today in 13 hours and 35 minutes. She finished the day in Camponaraya. She passed two pilgrims on bikes. I found that you can do the pilgrimage by car, so I am thinking about getting stamps and blessing for myself.
A wonderful father and daughter helped us find Jenny tonight, I am sure that they thought we were loco, but the daughter spoke English, so she was able to give us directions. 
We took Ryleigh to a real castle and will return when it opens in the morning. I wonder if the dungeon is accepting five year olds (I might build one here – CA)?

Before I update you all on her progress, I want to personally thank each and every one of you that send an email or posted a comment on this blog. I put out the call yesterday asking for support because I knew that was what Jenny needed. She was truly amazed when I told her that her blog was getting between 250-400 hits a day.  It encouraged her greatly. I woke up this morning to see that Jenny’s step dad had forwarded over 50 emails to me that had been written to Jenny. I was amazed and a little emotional to read the heartfelt notes of love, encouragement, and prayer that were written to Jenny. I know she will read each and every one and be utterly amazed to have such loving friends and family.  Thank you and please keep up the prayers, positive thoughts, and emails to Jenny.

On to the update – Jenny told me yesterday that her mileage for the next 2 days would be lower than normal due to the mountains she is having to climb. She thought each day would end around 40 miles. Her first text came in at 6:26 AM EST and she had finished 26 miles. The next text came in at 8:44 AM EST and she was 10 miles outside of the town of Ponferrada (Google Map). I will add more details and pictures as I receive them.


Stage 6 Update

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UPDATE (6:45 PM EST): Jenny is staying in a small hostel in the town of  Hospital de Obrigo.

Jenny really needs encouragement – please send your thoughts and prayers to That is the email address for Jenny’s stepdad. He will pass along your thoughts and prayers. She is hurting, but strong and is really encouraged by your comments.
UPDATE: This is latest from Jenny’s stepdad:

We saw Jenny tonight, she is doing ok, but needs rest. She ran 55.9 miles in 14:34 hours. She saw 4 pilgrims today, two were leading a donkey that was carrying their blankets (it must have been something seeing the donkey in a large city like Leon–now that’s real “old school”).
Her ankle is swollen and now has pain in thigh. We gave her three cold packs.     The big hill climb is tomorrow, she needs all the prayers she can get. I showed her the blog and she was impressed. She was surprised to her that the blog got 475 hits; keep that info coming.
Thank all of her followers for their support.

Latest text from Jenny shows her arriving in Villadangos around 5:30 PM her time (11:30 AM EST). She says it is slow going. Google Map

She is now over the 300 mile mark. I will update more as I get it.

Halfway Home…

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Jenny has now arrived in Sahagun (Google Map). She has now completed 271 miles in 4 days, 12 hours, and 20 minutes.  I will post more later when I get a complete recap.

Update from Jenny’s stepdad:  Jenny is a hotel that was built inside an old church, it has high walls and seemed a bit cold to me, but she seemed to like it. We Restocked batteries and gear, then let her get some sleep. She has a swollen ankle, so we bring ice every night. The weather got better near the end of the day. Jenny said that the road was flat and boring. I assume that flat and boring beats hilly and rough. She saw six pilgrims today, she is on schedule. She feels good, except for the ankle. 271 down, 53.1 today, 12 hours nineteen minutes. Four days, 12 hours, twenty minutes, so far.

Stage 5

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Not much to report accept that Jenny is predicting a 6 PM (12PM EST) finish in Sahagun (Google Map). I will post more when I receive any news.

Stage 4 Complete

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Just received this update from Jenny’s stepdad, Dan:

More than 200 miles down in just 3.5 days. It was snowy and cold today, but it should be better in the morning. We met Jenny in Castrojeriz (lastest Google Map), a small farming town 20 miles south of Burgos. We arrived just before Jenny and discovered that the town’s only hotel is closed for the winter and so is the only hostel. After a lot of hand signals and neatness, a kind man led us to a local bar(recently renovated), which has several rooms to rent. In the bar we met a couple of pilgrims from Germany and Belgium, both spoke perfect english, but didn’t believe that anyone could cover 200 plus miles in just a few days, because they had been on the road for two weeks covering the same distance. The other pilgrims told the Spanish bar patrons about Jenny, but they just laughed until we found her and she told her story in Spanish. Then they wished her God’s protection. Castrojeriz is very small, but is overlooked by the ruins of a castle built by the Moors when they occupied Spain, around 700 to 1400.

Jenny has a sore ankle and some blisters. She isn’t getting much sleep, but says that she is ok. The weather has been brutal, so pray for a break during the next few days.

                                                                                                                              Jenny and Ryleigh in Castrojeriz eating dinner

On to Stage 4…Burgos

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Just received this email from Jenny’s stepdad:

We dropped off Jenny just South of Belardo, in Toscano, at 5:30am. It was snowing lightly, but she said that she was fine. The delay should add about 30 minutes to her day, but tonight we will be in Burgos.

UPDATE: Received a text from Jenny saying she has arrived in Burgos at 6:10 AM EST. (Google Map). I will provide a more detailed account of the day when I hear from her.

Jenny has now finished Stage 3 – over 150 miles – and completed her day in the town of Tosantos (latest Google map). Her day was 12 hours and 45 minutes on the trail dealing with snow, sleet, mud, and crazy Spanish truck drivers. She fought through 8 miles of six inch mud along with the weather. The weather is such that she only encountered 4 fellow pilgrimers and most of the hostels are closed due to the weather. She encounted a Spanish truck driver, who upon hearing about her quest, yelled “Loco!” at her her before taking off (a comment that I have heard back hear as well).

Today was by far the hardest day for Jenny. I know the power of prayer and humbly request that you send your prayers her way. She is by far the strongest and toughest woman I have ever known, but she can always use our help. God is working through her and I plan on getting on my knees tonight with Logan and Jordan and saying a special prayer for her. She will be on the trail at 5 AM her time (11 PM our time) so please think of her through your evening and early morning.