Contact Info:


Jenny Biondi Anderson

400 VES Road

Lynchburg, VA  24503


  1. Kaye Watson says:

    Jenny, All I think about when I read about you challenge is how awesome a woman you are!!!! Totally inspiring! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Go Girl!!!!!

  2. Pat Donovan-Sidenstick says:


    Just 72 miles to go! You are an awesomely strong young woman. My prayers keep coming. I love the pictures. Safety and “warmth” for the rest of your trip.

  3. Rob Martinez says:

    Truly amazing!!

  4. Debbie Leake says:

    Jenny, You are truly amazing and an inspiration to us all. Prayers and Love…

  5. Bob Leake says:

    While you have made history it has inspired me to keep up my own running on the treadmill. While you went 500 miles over the days my goal was 50 miles, we will finish together tomorrow!!!!!

  6. Jane says:


    Praying for you…may you finish your journey strong. Take care. Love, Jane

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