Thank you!

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am in the middle of writing “a reflection” of my entire experience.  In the meantime, I cannot wait another day to post my appreciation for specific people and all their help and support.

Jenny finished in Santiago - Photo courtesy of Ryleigh Anderson

One thing I wanted to clarify in case there is any confusion:  This was a speed record attempt.  However, in the end, it was most important to me that “I do this right.”  I never wanted to put my needs and my goal in front of my feelings of love for my family that was there to support me.  For this, I decided, in the end, to forgo coming in less than nine days.  If I had attempted to complete my run less than nine days (which would have been easy enough to do with or without a crew) it would have meant that I would have finished by myself without my family there.  It was important that I waited until morning to give them the chance to be there in the end.  Without them, the journey would have meant nothing.  Their love, encouragement, and emotional support at the end of each day was my saving grace.  I will be forever grateful for that.   I owe them everything.

 Thank you to my #1 sponsor and support:  Defense Facilities Corporation and Dan Cosgrove. 

                I am enormously grateful for the all-weather gear, lodging expenses, and support crew expenses that the Defense Facilities Corporation funded.  The DFC, paid for my family (mom, daughter, and step-father) to come and support me on my journey.  I am eternally grateful for all the time and money the DFC invested in me and my dream. 

 Thank you

                Thank you to the, Clark Zealand, and Jeremy Ramsey for their support. supplied me with the two pair of shoes that I wore while running the entire trail.  The Vasque Mindbender and the Montrail Fairhaven were the perfect combination of a supportive, yet lightweight shoe.  These shoes also helped to protect my feet from rocks, other elements, and grip to all surfaces.  Moreover, I did not receive a single blister over the course of this entire journey.  I highly recommend the Mindbender or Fairhaven to anyone seeking a top of the line trail running shoe with a lot of cushioning.  I will write a more comprehensive review of each shoe soon. 

Thank you to the Ultra-running team:

Clark, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible team of individuals. Thank you to my teammates for all the support, prayers, and encouragement.  It is a privilege to be on a team with such a distinguished group of trail runners.  I am honored and humbled beyond words and I hope to make you proud. 

Thank you to my VES family:

                The moral and emotional support that my VES family has given to me is overwhelming.  Faculty, staff, students, administrators, trustees, parents, and alumnae have been phenomenal cheerleaders.  I am brought to tears every time I think about the love, prayers, and messages I have received over the last several weeks from this amazing Old 160 community.  It is a tremendous gift to be a part of such a loving, loyal, and special family at Virginia’s Episcopal School.   Thank you!!!!

spunky Ryeligh and my lovely mom

Friends and family: 

                Through email and Facebook, I have received some amazing comments that inspire me in unimaginable ways.  I cannot express enough appreciation for everyone’s beautiful words and the time you took to send such motivating and encouraging prayers.  I love you all so much.


                I have so much debt and gratitude to pay to my wonderful husband, Cory.  It seems that I come up with a new idea, adventure, or project every month.  I thank him for being so patient with me, for tolerating my nutty goals, for being my rock, and for always holding down the fort while I go off to fulfill another half-baked idea of mine.  I am eternally blessed by his never-ending support. 

                My children (Ryleigh, Jordan, and Logan) – I appreciate being your mom and I apologize for the time sacrificed away from you.  Being your mom is the one thing I am most proud of and it is the greatest honor I will ever know.  I pray that you will never feel as though my adventures come before you.  The three of you will always be my #1 priority.  I do what I do in hopes that you will follow an example of living your dreams.  I don’t want to be a parent that simply preaches this principle, but rather one who practices it.  As your mother, I want you to know me as someone who always lives her dreams and reaches for the stars in every endeavor I ever pursue.  I wish this for your lives too.  I love you more than anything and I hope you know that the three of you are gifts from God and I am so proud of you.

Dan Cosgrove (my awesome stepdad) and Tina (my amazing mom): 

No words can describe the love and devotion I feel toward you.  The sacrifices you made to ensure my safety and to give me the emotional support I needed in Spain are innumerable.  I will NEVER be able to repay you for everything.  I love you from the depths of my soul.  We were a team there and I am so blessed to have the two of you in my life. 

It goes without saying that God was with me every single step of the way.  I felt His grace and mercy and I am eternally grateful for His presence in my life and the blessings that He has given to me.  I could have NEVER done this endeavor without my faith in Him.

Mom and Jenny

Check back soon for “my reflection” on the entire experience…. love and peace to you all….

  1. Sheryl says:


    What you have done is remarkable. Your children DO have the greatest example right in front of them of what it means to live your dreams! I KNOW that they are so proud of you!
    Way to go!!! You inspire not only your family and students but anyone who meets you and knows you!

  2. Rick Gray says:

    You have completed and accomplished something great. Support has been there for you from so many, but their support has been out of love for you. You have certainly deserved that support, but the support has been given to you knowingly and freely from each individual. You have completed your journey in a Christ like manner and your fellow Christians are so very proud of you and for your example. Welcome Home!

  3. What an impressive journey accomplished by a very impressive person! I enjoyed following along and I can’t wait to read more reflections of the adventure. Congrats on the accomplishment and I’m glad you and your family made an unforgetable memory.

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