Stage 8 Complete

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

 Stage 8 UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Jenny. She finished 53.4 miles in 13 hours and 4 minutes. She ran up a mountain through a blinding snowstorm where up to 8 inches of snow greeted her. Coming off the mountain she guessed the temperature rose 15 degrees Celcius. She mentioned how wonderful the emails and comments have been and how spiritual the journey has been. Please keep them coming.

The exciting thing is she only has 72 miles to go til the finish. She has completed 430 miles in 7.5 days. The clock will start again at 5:30 AM her time. She plans on running 46 miles on Sunday and 26 miles on Monday to finish the trail.

Jenny, Ryleigh, and Jenny's mom Tina in Serrina

Jenny running across a bridge


Ryleigh meets Elvis while waiitng for mom

First text from Jenny came in this morning at 10:17 AM EST. She expects to reach Sarria around 5:45 PM her time (Google Map). I will add more details as I recieve them.

  1. Mary Elizabeth Notario says:

    Oh my gosh Jen you are so close!!! It’s so hard to believe that what took Fer and me 6 days to complete (Sarria-Santiago) will only take you two 🙂 Estoy tan orgullosa de ti!! Mucha suerte y disfruta de lo que te queda. Te queremos!!

  2. tammy redman-gray says:

    Soooo proud of you! Keep it up!

  3. Brett says:

    Tu otra estudiante te envia su amor, tambien! Yo estare corriendo manana tambien, pero sol por trece millas… pienso que es bastante dificil para mi. Suerte!

  4. Alex & Ashley hodges says:

    What a wonderful praise report!!! Such awesome news keep up the faith:) congrats!!!!

  5. Anna-Marie says:

    Wow, you’re almost there! Buena suerte!

  6. Judy Tevault says:

    Way to go! I am so proud or you. Keep it up and know that prayers are being said for you as you finish your journey. You are a remarkable lady and I can’t wait to give you a big hug. May God be by your siide in the next few days.

    I love you, Mom Anderson and Judy

  7. wendy and kelly golden says:

    Great job Jenny! Can’t wait to hear the good news- you are almost there. You’re amazing!

  8. tammy redman-gray says:

    Jenny, This is Rick from Tammy’s computer. You continue to amaze me and I know my prayers and everyone else’s prayers have been answered. Your strength and determination have been a blessing to us all. I know you are in pain and extremely tired, but continue on towards your goal. I have been out of town this weekend running up in VA and so many people were amazed at what you were doing. You had such a positive impression on so many and that says nothing of those who are being helped by your efforts. Stay strong my friend. I will continue to pray for your safety until you are back home again. Rick

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