Stage 6 Update

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

UPDATE (6:45 PM EST): Jenny is staying in a small hostel in the town of  Hospital de Obrigo.

Jenny really needs encouragement – please send your thoughts and prayers to That is the email address for Jenny’s stepdad. He will pass along your thoughts and prayers. She is hurting, but strong and is really encouraged by your comments.
UPDATE: This is latest from Jenny’s stepdad:

We saw Jenny tonight, she is doing ok, but needs rest. She ran 55.9 miles in 14:34 hours. She saw 4 pilgrims today, two were leading a donkey that was carrying their blankets (it must have been something seeing the donkey in a large city like Leon–now that’s real “old school”).
Her ankle is swollen and now has pain in thigh. We gave her three cold packs.     The big hill climb is tomorrow, she needs all the prayers she can get. I showed her the blog and she was impressed. She was surprised to her that the blog got 475 hits; keep that info coming.
Thank all of her followers for their support.

Latest text from Jenny shows her arriving in Villadangos around 5:30 PM her time (11:30 AM EST). She says it is slow going. Google Map

She is now over the 300 mile mark. I will update more as I get it.

  1. Kimberly Henry says:

    So amazing…

  2. Is the weather any better?

  3. Rick Gray says:

    Jenny, Continue forward my friend. You have it in you as I know from experience just how tough you are. My prayers continue to be with you.

  4. Tommy says:

    We are all praying for you here at the VES campus. I sent the boys basketball team off to their state semifinal game this afternoon. You are a true inspiration to these boys and their coaches. They just can’t believe what you are doing and will bring your strong will with them into their own “battle” over the next two days.

    Be strong. Be patient. And don’t forget about our conversation some time ago…you are out there for a very important cause. That cause can sustain you through cold, rain and pain!

  5. Frank Gonzalez says:

    Jenny we are praying for you. Keep going. Jesus will give you strength! Trust in him to give you strength.

  6. Mary Stuart Battle says:

    I am astounded at what you have accomplished so far. As a fellow Mom of 3, I am in awe of your commitment to your dreams! We think of you constantly and pray for you regularly.

  7. Amy says:

    Prayers and positive thoughts are headed your way! You are so strong Jenny…you are definitely my hero!

  8. Jane Jones says:

    Stay strong, Jenny! You’re in our prayers. In Christ, your neighbors, The Joneses

  9. Jocelyne says:

    Keep it up we love you

  10. Pat Donovan-Sidenstick says:

    Prayers each day to a strong passionate young woman!!! Manage the upward climbs today and let gravitation softly help you along the downward parts.

  11. Kerry says:

    Great job out there Jenny! You are practically in the homestretch. Enjoy every minute, even those that hurt.

  12. Alyssa Wildeboer says:

    T.S. Elliot said, “Only one who will risk going to far will know how far one can go.” I believe that you have the strength and ability to push yourself and accomplish this record. You have proven your ability to cover the distance every day no matter the circumstances. May the strength of your mind, body, and spirit push you through these last couple of days. Go the distance Jenny and bring home the record!

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