Stage 2…Made it Logrono

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Jenny has completed Stage 2 of her journey making it to the town of Logrono (Google Map). She is now one-fifth through the trail having completed 110 miles. Her first day of running took 13 hours, 58 minutes and the second day took 12 hours, 59 minutes.

Now that I got the facts out of the way, Jenny wanted me to pass on her thoughts so far from the trail. She first wants to wish her buddies Rebekkah Trittipoe and David Horton Happy Birthday. Next, she has been amazed at the level of spirituality that has been flowing through her. She has seen countless churches, beautiful meadows, rainbows, and many of God’s creatures that have helped her through the day. She has had some low moments, but has had too many high points to count. Jenny said that “this a moving experience”, and “it is more spiritual than expected”. Some of those low points came as a result of getting lost both days and the continuous rain, but some advice from her buddy David Horton has helped her tremendously. He told her that she will make mistakes, but it is what she does with those mistakes that is important. She now turns around on the trail if she does not see a sign after a mile or so.

She reported lots of pain and soreness, but feels strong for the rest of her journey.

She passed 18 pilgrims on the first day and 73 pilgrims today. Monday looks to be colder.

She also said that no one believes what she is doing, until she gets out the GPS, then they think that she is crazy (I hear the same from folks here as well). They still don’t believe that she is running miles, they think she is talking kilometers.

Hearing her say the above is so moving to me this Sunday. I sat in church this morning as my pastor, Woody, talked about letting God interupt our lives and taking the gifts he has given us and spreading his word with those gifts. Seeing Jenny use her gifts and knowing that other people are getting to see her spiritual “glow” is amazing. I know God is working through – with her successful fundraising (it’s not too late to donate, click here) – with her students being exposed to her positive example – to how she is letting her life be interupted to feel God’s presence. Please keep the prayers coming – I know she can feel them.

Check back soon for more updates.

  1. Thanks for the b-day greetings. So sweet to remember.

    Now, for the questions I have.

    1) You said rain? But how cold is it?
    2) Is Jenny on real trail (dirt, rocks, mud etc) or is it something else? Footing?
    3) How remote is this? Does she have much contact with people other than at night?
    4) What is the terrain like? Big climbs and descents, rolling, flat? Inquiring minds want to know.
    5) Is she carrying food with her? Can she restock along the way or does she not go through towns?

    OK. Only 5 questions a day. But love getting the reports!

    I’m not surprised that she’s doing so well. 🙂

  2. Rick Gray says:

    Jenny, You have been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. Sorry I am late to check up on you, but I have been out of town running. Rebekah certainly has a few questions, but we are all wondering the same thing. You are tough and will be even tougher through those tough times. God is certainly using you in a wonderful way as they are God’s gift of abilities to you. One step at a time!

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