Ready to start my day…

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

To choose one trail run that is the most memorable for me is difficult – as difficult as choosing which of my children I love the most.  Each run is so unique and memorable. Without a doubt, I subscribe to the philosophy of “nothing that comes easy really matters and nothing that really matters is ever easy.”  Therefore, the longer and the tougher the run is directly equivalent to my satisfaction. 

            It is another Saturday morning as my internal clock goes off.  I press the indiglo light on my watch and it reads 2:30 am.  Perfect timing, my feet hit the floor.  I’m ready to go with hot coffee in hand and all my gear, packed the night before, over my shoulder.  Running this early may seem crazy to most but I can’t imagine it any other way.  I began running early to avoid cutting into my family time at home.  Later, it became more than that.  It was “my time” with the trail. 

       My drive is 45 minutes.  I park the car as the cold rain begins to fall.  Would I rather be sleeping in my warm bed?  Heck no!  The rain, the dark abandoned forest and the lonely trail…these are the variables that will make this run even more of an adventure.  It’s 3:30 am as I begin my ascent.  By 5:00 am, I am no longer cold as the welcomed rain begins to pound heavier and heavier along with my heart.  Kid-like laughter heads down the trail in my direction.  Eyes glare at me through the woods. Could that be….Yes!  Those are coyotes.  There must be a pack of six or seven following me.  The rain is pouring harder and harder.  The hat no longer gives me shelter and my giddiness overtakes me.  As I run along the ridgeline, I feel energized by the rain and run harder and faster.  I begin my second ascent to the top of one of my favorite mountains.  As I climb higher, the rain turns to ice until I realize that I am standing in the midst of a Winter Wonderland.  The trees and the ground are simply beautiful as my headlight reflects their stunning glow.  As I reach the summit, there it is – the bright pink beginning to appear in the horizon.  The florescent light shines on the valley below as mountain peaks pierce the immense sea of clouds.  The view is glorious.  Life is great.  The trail awaits my descent.  I take one last look, say a soft and lingering prayer, and prepare to let gravity take my feet down the trail and back home to start my day. 

 This is who I am and what I do.

-Jenny Anderson – Feb ‘11

  1. What wonderful writing. I felt your every step, every emotion.

    So good to see you yesterday!

  2. Rick Gray says:

    Wonderful words. My heart began to beat faster as I could feel your excitement!

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