4 Weeks To Go!

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

I will be finishing my first day exactly four weeks from now.  This made me realize that I haven’t shared my plan with the world yet.  Here is my goal:

Start on Feb. 27th.

1 – St. Jean  to Uterga  (83 km)

2 – Uterga to Logrono (80.2 km)

3 – Logrono to Villafranca (86.3 km)

4 – Villafranca to Castro Jeriz (79.4 km)

5 – Castro Jeriz to Sahagun (85.8 km)

6 – Sahagun to Mazarife/Villadangus (79.7 km)

7 – Mazarife / Villadangus to Ponferada (88 km)

8 – Ponferada to Triacastela (73.8 km)

9 – Triacastela to Palas de Rei (74 km)

10 – Palas de Rei to Santiago (69.2 km)

Goal:  Finish in less than 12 days (ideally 11 or even 10 days).  

Training this weekend:  I just finished 31 miles, 20 miles, 20 miles and I hope to do another 31 miles on Monday.

  1. Where is the picture from? Looks really cool.

    Your mileage along with being wife, mom, teacher, etc. is impressive. Have no idea how you can stay on your feet and function every day in every way. 🙂

  2. Rick Gray says:

    She is certainly one tough lady Rebekah!

    Jenny, Continue to take one day at a time. Hang tough and continue to stay healthy. Prayers are with you my friend.

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