We are all on our own journey….

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Megan and Jenny

As I anticipate my upcoming journey I can’t help to think about the different stages I will go through.  Many people ask me “Aren’t you afraid?”  I tell them “of course!”  However there is a difference of having fear and allowing fear to be the enemy.  Fear does not deter me.  Pain does not discourage me.  Undoubtedly, there will be pain and suffering.  As my good friend Dr. David Horton says “pain and suffering is inevitable.”  I must honestly say that I do have fear for the amount of pain I will endure.  I have fear of how my emotions and perspective will alter as the suffering deepens and I run though very dark and lonely hours.  Nonetheless, this is part of the journey.  I would have it no other way.  It will make the end that much more beautiful and worthwhile.  Fear.  Pain.  Suffering.  These are not the enemy.  The enemy is using them as an excuse to not meet a goal or attempt a challenge. 

As I anticipate my upcoming journey, I think about the refugees featured in so many of the IRC videos.  All you have to do is Google IRC refugee videos and a plethora of links will instantly appear.  Each one tells an amazing story and will, without question, move you to tears.  Individually, these refugees have been forced to flee their homes and families.  Some are running from devastating war situations, brutal and consistent rape, natural disaster and disease ridden conditions.  Their journey consists of taking all their belongings and carrying them hundreds (sometimes thousands) of miles to safety.  Even then, they are subjected to living in a tent exposed to the elements, jobless, homeless, and without medical attention.  Food is scarce.  The enormity of their situation is gripping and unimaginable and, yet, they go on…one step at a time.  What could be more inspiring?  This “no quit outlook” and the gratitude they have for the simplest necessities that we take for granted is stunning.  For them, their journey is one of life or death.

Then, I look at people close to me.  The journey that so many of my loved ones are enduring is immeasurable.  I see my best friend that has just been told that the love of her life and the father of her two small children has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  The fight she must endure is beyond comprehension.  But she continues to battle and not give up hope.  She is my example.  I have other loved ones facing substance abuse issues, anorexia, financial distress, divorce, loneliness, and depression.  These are extremely difficult journeys to endure and yet they all keep moving along one step at a time.  They are my inspiration. 

In the end, we are all walking (in some cases running) our own journeys.  Each is filled with amazing adventures, grand views, breath taking moments, loving whispers, and sometimes very dark days.  Ultimately, our goal is to reach safety.  For me, that is in the belief that there is something much greater than myself.  Without my faith, I cannot endure.  Without my faith, I cannot have hope for all those that are lost — including me.  I must lean on my faith.  In the end, it is everything.   

Journey safely.

Megan and Eli

This post is in loving and awe-inspiring dedication to Megan and her amazing husband Eli.

May they endure the battle.  I love you.

  1. Marlin Yoder says:

    Wow Jenny! I’ve just been catching up on your recent posts and find them very inspiring. You are truly amazing! All the best to you as you finish the training and complete the journey. I will be following your progress with great interest.

  2. Jen,

    Thinking of you and your friend. You are so passionate about this adventure and I know it will be life-changing (I am sure it already is!). I plan to contribute to the IRC as well. Keep up the reminders—I need them!

    So proud of you! xoxox

  3. Rick Gray says:

    Faith is everything. One step at a time will accomplish your task at hand. My prayers continue for your health, training and mental strength as continue towards your journey.

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