Three months to go…

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am two weeks into my intense training and I am feeling REALLY great!  I have put in a ninety mile week (good for just starting).  75 miles have been with a five pound pack (same weight I will wear in Spain). I have combined my training with big climbs and descents along with miles of flats.  I will need to train on both since that is what I will be experiencing.  My training is going so well that I feel like I want to leave today to start.  But I know that is just the adrenaline talking.  I have lots of slow and long miles to endure in my training before I am ready.  This week, I did three back to back 20 mile days and I feel good but that is not good enough.  After another couple weeks, I will increase that mileage slightly. 

Current News:  Delta Air called me last week to tell me that they will refund my money.  They will not be flying out of Lynchburg after January.  Immediately, I got on the internet and found a flight out of Charlottesville for $150 less than my previous ticket.  Yahoo!! 

More Current News:  I continue to arm myself with information which is obviously beneficial but simultaneously  intimidating .  I am discovering that many of the Piligrim Hostals are not heated.  I am not worried about running in the cold but I am petrified of not having a warm place to dry off, dry my clothing and sleep throughout the night.  There are a couple hotels along the way but many appear to be a couple miles off the trail so that would certainly slow me down.  Other scary facts include:  There will only be about seven hours of daylight each day and I will be above 3000 feet most of the time during the wettest, snowiest, coldest time of the year.  Hooooooray for me!

Am I scared?  Heck no!  Am I concerned?  Certainly.  I need to be prepared for the worst and be very weary of hypothermia.  Nevertheless, I am stoked about this opportunity and, needless to say, I will be very smart about my training and my journey.    

Lastly, I will wear one pair of shoes for the entire 800 km seeing that I will not have any support with m on this run.  I have chosen the Pearl Izumi Fuel XC to be my shoe for the job.  It is an incredibly comfortable and breathable piece of gear.  I like its lightweight minimalistic feel along with its superb cushioning and a fast feel all the way around. 

Happy trails and training everyone! 

  1. FastED says:

    Wow! I’m really impressed you’re going with the Fuel XC! You won’t be disappointed! I promise. Your spiff card is in the mail so you can get lots more.

    Talk soon

  2. FastED says:

    And btw – very nice site!

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