Training begins

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

The calm before the storm is finally over.  I began training today after taking a little time off these last busy four weeks.  Time off for me consists of backing down to 55-65 miles a week and doing a lot more roads than I care to admit.  Cross Country season and the start of school is always a busy and stressful time so it has become a pattern for me to back off the mileage. 

Cross Country season ended on November 12th and I’ve wasted no time getting back out on the trails.  Having an injury earlier this fall and being sick with the flu isn’t keeping me from hitting the trails with full force.  Although I am eager and excited, I have to be really careful to ease myself back into my regimen.  It is difficult to hold back but it is a necessity to keep me injury-free. 

I will increase my mileage to about 70 miles this coming week and add about five miles a week until I reach about 95.  There, I will hold steady.  I’ve learned that my body begins to break down when I enter the triple digits so I will ease my way forward with great care.  I plan to have a couple 100 mile weeks toward the end of January and early February.  My training will not consist of speed workouts.  Logging lots of slow miles doesn’t appeal to me so  I will fit in a tempo run (and some fartleks) here and there – but speed is not in the plan.  Lots of mountain running, running with a pack, and lots of time on my feet are the bulk of what I plan on doing for the next 3+ months.  I will do about a 1/2 dozen back-to-back long runs/days.  I will work on core strenthening and good stretching. 

Lastly, trails are essential.  The trails are going to get me physically prepared and mentally there.  Not to mention, running trails is the only thing that keeps me sane —or closer to sane.


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